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[ Las Vegas Outlaws Timeline ]

Welcome to the Las Vegas Outlaws Memorial Website.  The Outlaws were one of the premier teams of the XFL in its only season, but sadly they finished the season at 4-6.  They had a ferocious defense, nicknamed the "Dealers of Doom", and at one point in the season the defense scored more points than the offense did!  The offense suffered throughout the season from a lack of stability at quarterback; Chuck Clements was injured in the preseason, and was replaced by former Miami Hurricane Ryan Clement.  Clement suffered a separated shoulder in their second game against the Memphis Maniax, and was replaced by Mike Cawley.  Cawley was erratic and inconsistent, and was cut after their loss to the Los Angeles Xtreme in Week 3.  Former Arena League standout Mark Grieb was signed and played several games until Clement was able to return.  Much debate ensued about leaving Grieb in in place of Clement, but Clement was the No.1 QB of the Outlaws.   The offensive line was inconsistent all season long and failed to establish an effective running attack.  Running back Rod Smart (#30) made national headlines in Week 1 when he debuted his nickname "He Hate Me" on the back of his game jerseys, and all eyes were on the Outlaws.  

In an effort to get the team motivated after two disappointing losses in a row, head coach Jim Criner had the team wear all black uniforms (black home jersey and away black pants) in Week 7 against the Birmingham Bolts; this was the only time this uniform combination was worn.  The switch worked, and the Outlaws steam-rolled the Bolts to go ahead at 4-3 and stay alive in the playoff hunt.  But, the following week the team lost a crucial game in Los Angeles to the Xtreme, and went on to drop the final  two games of the season.  The major downfall for the team was being defeated three straight times by the Los Angeles Xtreme (the Xtreme defeated the Outlaws 32-29 in a closed preseason slugout); after that the team ran out of steam and failed to qualify for the postseason playoffs; most of the problems arose from silly mistakes by the offense, allowing opportunities to slip away.  When I talked with defensive coordinator Mark Criner at the end of the season, he told me that the primary focus of the coaching staff during the draft was for defensive players, and in the second season they would then begin drafting and building offensive players.  He admitted this came back to haunt them, but the coaches honestly believed that they could do well with the players they had, and could have finished much better in Year 2 had this come about.  Indeed, they should have, as all they had to do was overcome the Los Angeles Xtreme at least once to gain the necessary momentum to jump into the postseason.  The team enjoyed tremendous local support, and it's a shame that Las Vegas couldn't enjoy more from this outstanding team.

The purpose of this site is to try to preserve as much of the original XFL and Las Vegas Outlaws websites as possible.  Much of what is here came late in the season, so some things are lost forever if they had been deleted.  As you well know, all the original 2001 XFL websites are gone, and this may very well be the only website network preserving the memory of the XFL as closely as it originally appeared.  The XFLShop ads featured throughout the website memorial network are graphics only in order to preserve the look and feel of the original league sites; they do not link to the ads presented.  They are merely there for your enjoyment.

Much of the original players' roster has been preserved, and includes the final game's starters and practice squad, preseason players, team statistics, and boxscores.  Most of the original press releases have been retained and may be viewed from the Press Row page.  The wallpapers for your computer's desktop are available through the Tailgate page.  There are also two additional desktop wallpapers available that were originally designed by Super-BobG, and he has graciously allowed me to post them here.  The Multimedia page features a limited selection of the video clips originally featured on the league websites, and also features nearly all of the original photos.  I have attempted to use a slideshow window as originally featured, but may appear slightly different when viewed.  The Memorabilia page is new, and will constantly be expanded as fans send in photos of their Outlaws memorabilia.

We hope you enjoy your visit throughout the XFL memorial network, and would like to hear from you if you have any interesting sites to link or material to add.  If so, contact me!
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