XFL San Francisco Demons Press Release 4

Press Release 4
James Hundon has Hall of Fame week

It’s been a great week for San Francisco Demons’ veteran receiver James Hundon. Sure, it’s great to be back playing football again, but James’ enjoyment goes much further.

Coach Jim Skipper excused Hundon from the XFL’s first week of mini-camp Saturday so that Hundon could be inducted into the athletic Hall of Fame at City College of San Francisco, where he attended school in 1992-93.

“They inducted five football players and two basketball players,” Hundon said about the festivities surrounding the school’s 54-7 victory over San Jose City College. “It didn’t hit me until yesterday how big of a deal it was. My kids can go back there in the future and see my name.

“I’m up there with O.J.,” he added with a smile.

Hundon is the Demons’ only current roster member who has NFL experience that accomplished making the league as a free agent. He played with the Bengals in parts of the last four seasons and thought he’d made the receiving corps for the fifth straight year when the final cutdown date passed last August.

“They treat free agents like a college walk-on,” Hundon said, “you’re just another body for practice. I busted my butt and I guess I caught somebody’s eye. I think my speed was a factor.”

The 2000 Cincinnati media guide praised Hundon for having the best speed among the Bengals’ receivers. But, because James was due to make $440,000 in 2000, the Cincinnati club chose to claim former UCLA receiver Danny Farmer off waivers from the Pittsburgh Steelers the day after the final cutdown and let Hundon walk.

After James received the news from the Bengals at home on his cell phone, he stayed in Cincinnati for three weeks to see if anything would change, and then drove back to the Bay Area when nothing developed.

A few weeks later, a former coach suggested he give the XFL a try, he attended a Demons’ tryout workout and then was drafted by San Francisco in the seventh round.

“The best thing about it is I’m at home near my family,” said the Daly City native who has a son and daughter. “This week we’ve been able to get the timing down with the quarterbacks in a real relaxed atmosphere.”

Hundon suggests the mellow environment is due in no small part with the fact the players will basically make the same salaries and Coach Jim Skipper treats the players like grown men. “There’s no babysitting,” says Hundon, “and no cocky attitudes.”

“If we want more money, we have to win,” says Skipper, alluding to the XFL’s unique bonus system that pays the players to play and more to win.

“I would probably go back to the NFL if I got the chance,” Hundon said. “It’s good money, but it’s so political. But, if things really took off and it was beneficial to me, I’d stay in the XFL, anyway. This is good money also.”

Hundon came to realize two things in the last week: joining the CCSF Hall of Fame was a big deal. He has heard the same about the XFL. He’s excited to have something to do with it.


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