EXCITING NEWS! The XFL is due to return in 2020, with 8 teams and a 10-game schedule. Best of all, the newly-revived league will be wholly owned by Vince McMahon, so there won't be any interference from WWE shareholders nor networks.

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Welcome to the home of the Birmingham Bolts!

The Bolts may well represent the last professional football team in the Birmingham area, and they will be missed.  After supporting previous pro football  teams (WFL Americans/Vulcans, USFL Stallions, WLAF Fire, and CFL Barracudas), Birmingham fans again found themselves always the proverbial bridesmaid but never a bride.  The Bolts and the XFL lasted only one season, but they left an indelible mark on the Birmingham area.

Playing at legendary Legion Field, the Bolts got off to a respectable 2-1 start, but then lost the final 7 games in a row to finish the season at 2-8.  Head Coach Gerry DiNardo gave credibility to the new team, but he never got a chance to prove himself with the Bolts after only one season.  Star Quarterback Casey Weldon gave a lot of early on-field excitement, until he went out with a season-ending injury.  Alabama star QB Jay Barker then took the helm, but he never could spark the Bolts to victory.  Eventually, he too went out with a season-ending injury, and Birmingham fans were left disappointed.

This site is still not finished yet, so please check back frequently.  Video clips will be added soon, showing highlights from Bolts games.  The photo slideshow section is up & running, so feel free to browse through the Bolts photos.  

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