XFL Chicago Enforcers Press Release 4


Press Release 4
Enforcers select ten in XFL supplemental draft

The Chicago Enforcers made 10 selections in the XFL Supplemental draft held December 29. The purpose of the XFL supplemental draft was to allow teams to add players who were not eligible when the league staged its Player Allocation Selection System (P.A.S.S.) draft last October. At the time, XFL teams stocked its rosters with 70 players, including those taken during the draft’s open phase and others acquired via territorial selection.

In the supplemental draft, teams were able to add an unlimited number of players, all of whom must meet XFL eligibility criteria, including their not being under contract to other football leagues.

Chicago Enforcers Selections
XFL Supplemental Draft

Overall Pick - Name - Position - School
1 - Chase Raynock - OL - Montana
16 - Brian Rogers - LB - Oregon State
17 - Troy Saunders - CB - Florida State
32 - Brent Warren - OL - Syracuse
33 - Kevin Pesak - TE - Sam Houston State
46 - Jason Sadler - OL - Nevada
47 - Chris Chaloupka - QB - Sam Houston State
60 - Keith Washington - DE - Louisiana Tech
61 - Daryl Richardson - LB - Northwest Oklahoma State
70 - Clovis Woods - DB - Oklahoma

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