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EXCITING NEWS! The XFL is due to return in 2020, with 8 teams and a 10-game schedule. Best of all, the newly-revived league will be wholly owned by Vince McMahon, so there won't be any interference from WWE shareholders nor networks.

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As of May 10, 2001, the XFL is no more....created by Vince McMahon, the mastermind behind the success of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), the wrestling guru felt that he had to sacrifice too much of his WWF kingdom to keep the XFL afloat after NBC Sports withdrew their involvement. What was created and promoted as Football The Way It Was Meant To Be Played faded into forlorn memories for many supporters and fans.
The XFL started off well with a solid business model.  Legendary Dick Butkus was announced as the very first coach, of the Chicago Enforcers.  However, before the season started, he was made head of the rule-making and competition committee, and was replaced by longtime pro coach Ron Meyer.  Coaches and management were recruited from the NFL and NFL-Europe, unique rules and regulations were devised (click here for more details), and the league experienced more than its fair share of hype long before the first game was played (February 3, 2001, NY/NJ Hitmen at Las Vegas Outlaws).  One rule that was hailed as a victory for fans and players alike, was the set salary scale for players, to be augmented by game-winning bonuses.   Other rule changes came late in the season, such as a 3-point PAT and the elimination of the "bump-and-run" rule.  Some of the most exciting aspects of the game were having players miked for audio and the "No Fair Catch" rule (although a 5-yard halo was enforced).
Eight teams were announced, three in cities with current NFL teams (New York/New Jersey, Chicago, and San Francisco) and the remaining five without (Las Vegas, Memphis, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Birmingham).  Two divisions consisted of four teams each.  The West comprised San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Memphis.  The East consisted of New York/New Jersey, Chicago, Orlando, and Birmingham.  Initially, the Demons were set to play in San Jose, California, but the stadium was deemed too small for the XFL's target attendance; the officials at Pac-Bell Park in San Francisco made the XFL an offer they couldn't refuse, and the Demons officially called San Francisco home.
The XFL took aim at the NFL, by proclaiming the latter to mean "No Fun League."  Members of the WWF, such as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, pitched ads that were derisive of the NFL and its conservative competition rules.

The initial kickoff weekend came with a tremendous amount of fanfare and overwhelming television ratings.  Viewers and fans were no doubt drawn by the racy cheerleaders, who some people equated as nothing more than strippers.  No matter how skimpy the outfits, most came to watch the football games.  San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Orlando led the attendance counts throughout the year, proving that professional football teams can thrive in these cities.  San Francisco was a particular surprise, since it is the home of the NFL 49ers and has never hosted another pro football team in previous leagues (WFL, USFL).  In the beginning of each game, the Scramble replaced a coin toss for possession rights: one player from each team was placed side-by-side at midfield, and the two raced each other 15 yards to a football.  The player recovering the ball won the possession or deferment rights for his team.  Several players suffered season-ending injuries during scrambles, but they remained extremely popular with players and fans alike.

The inaugural season finale came with The Million Dollar Game, in which the XFL awarded the winning team's players $1,000,000 to be shared among them. The Los Angeles Xtreme defeated the San Francisco Demons 38-6 in this game, played at the end of April, 2001.  Interestingly, the Wingo mini-helmets commissioned by the XFL for fans and collectors was misspelled "Million Dollar Gave", and not corrected until later production runs!

One can hardly blame the WWFE (WWF Entertainment) for not continuing the XFL from a financial standpoint.  The WWFE posted a net loss of approximately $35 million (in US Dollars) during the league's first year of operation, and NBC Sports a similar amount.  Arguments can be made on both sides, but the sad fact is that we, the fans, were the true losers.  The WWFE thought that they could bring in the millions of wrestling fans to support the league, and were shocked when they found out that it wasn't the case.  Actual football fans were the major supporters, but these fans were being turned off by the wrestling influence.  

This site (and network of all teams) is intended to preserve the memories of the league for all fans and supporters: team pages, archived press releases, timelines, players' profiles and stats, team stats, game photos, uniforms, and much more.  If you have any useful info to help these sites, please let me know!  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy your visit!

New and improved! The entire ALL-XFL Memorial Network has been reformatted, not only to better capture the feel of the original XFL website, but also to be better tailored for YOU. As additional photos and information tidbits are discovered (or re-discovered), they will be posted and the site updated. The ALL-XFL Memorial Network was almost discontinued due to financial considerations, since it costs us a pretty penny to pay the necessary website hosting fees each year. Originally, the ALL-XFL Memorial Network was hosted on a free web hosting service, but the websites soon outgrew the limits placed by the free hosts and so we were forced to pay for a dedicated web hosting service. All we hope to be able to do with the newly-revised ALL-XFL Memorial Network is to cover some of the web hosting fees, so that this valuable resource can continue to be available for all and the keep alive the wonderful memories the XFL left us with.

Videos are still being tracked down to fulfill the game clips in the Multimedia section; as soon as these clips are located and digitally recorded, they will be posted and links provided.  I have most games on tape, and only have a few more to obtain in order to have every televised game; as soon as I have time, I'll start recording game highlight clips and posting them.

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XFL Championship Ring
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What the WWF left us with...

After all of our support, after believing in the dream of an outdoor Spring professional football league, this is what we were left with.

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