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If you are a former player, coach, or staff member of an XFL team or the league itself, we would like to hear from you.  ALL-XFL would like to be able to share your experiences, from photo slideshows of your unique, one-of-a-kind memorabilia to interviews.  In particular, interviews are being actively sought from former XFL players & staff members to share with the fans.  If you have received a letter requesting an interview, please let us know how we may best accommodate you for an interview.  Email is great, and you can simply fill in your thoughts at your leisure.  Alternatively, you may call the phone number on your letter collect, or let us know the best time to call you for the interview.

Interviews typically consist of around 10-20 questions, and these questions have been tastefully selected for appropriateness and professionalism.  Each question is focused on your observations, thoughts, and feelings regarding the XFL from the perspective of a football fan.  It is our belief that your dedication and hard work deserve to be remembered with respect.  Just email me at  , and the questions (along with my phone number) will be sent to you.

How would interviews be appropriate for this site, you may ask?  Recently I had the pleasure of obtaining an autograph from Al Luginbill (Head Coach, Los Angeles Xtreme) on an Xtreme minihelmet.  Coach Luginbill was all too happy to sign this minihelmet, but the most touching moment was when Mrs. Luginbill gave me a hug for remembering the league!  This made me realize that the stories of the XFL deserve to be told.  Also, the multitude of former XFL players who are all too happy to sign my XFL memorabilia reinforce this belief.  I would like to preserve your stories and memories for all XFL fans.

Your Information Will Be Kept In the Strictest Confidence

Your privacy is extremely important, and absolutely NO information of any type regarding any former XFL player, coach, staff member, or employee will ever be released without the express permission from those individuals concerned, or a court order. is a wholly-owned entity that is dedicated to preserving the memories of the former XFL. is not affiliated in any way with the XFL, WWF/E, NBC, TNN, UPN, or any other professional sports/entertainment organization.  Any information given to by former XFL players, staff, or employees is for informational purposes only, and will NOT be released without the express permission from the source/owner.

Could There Be A Reunion In Your Future?

Why not?  After all, is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the convention capitol of the world!  The possibilities of a 10-year reunion are currently unknown, but a 20-year reunion are certainly plausible.  If you know of any reunion plans, please let us know. would like to offer our services as a central meeting place for former XFL players, coaches, staff, and employees.  From newsletters to reunions, stands ready and willing to assist with or handle your XFL remembrance needs!
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