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Chest bump
Charles Jordan gets speared
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XFL Auction Spoof

Vince McMahon talks about the XFL

Dick Butkus introduces the new XFL football

Original XFL promotional ad

Wally Richardson takes over in New York
Wally Richardson got his shot last week for the Hitmen. Heading into the game, “I didn’t know for certain what the situation was,” Richardson said. “All I thought was that I would make the best of the opportunity if it came my way by helping the offense and putting some points on the board.”

Give more attention to the XFL's bigger picture
Thinking back to my first trip to an XFL game, I realize that sportswriters must love going to the opera ... By being reintroduced to the actual sights and sounds of football, maybe the press would see that the XFL is more than what it’s being made of.

Hit Parade
Jay Barker smashes into Ray Austin
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Look out Rachel!
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Juanito nails Jeff Brohm
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"Chaka" says hello to Ryan Clement
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Jimmy Cunningham gets decked
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Brandon Sanders pays for his pick 
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John Avery gets popped
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Jermaine Copeland gets cut down
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Avery's reaction?
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Chaka flattens Brohm
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Damon Dunn takes a licking
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Casey Weldon slams into a wall
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Tommy Maddox eats dirt
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Pat Barnes takes a chest bump
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  Week 1:  
Week 2:
Week 3: 
Week 4:  WR Anthony DiCosmo (NY/NJ Hitmen)
Week 5:  K Jose Cortez (Los Angeles Xtreme)
Week 6:  RB Rod Smart (Las Vegas Outlaws)
Week 7:  QB Jeff Brohm (Orlando Rage)
Week 8:  RB LeShon Johnson (Chicago Enforcers)
Week 9:  LB Ron Merkerson (NY/NJ Hitmen)
Week 10:

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Go backstage during LA's first halftime
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Vince kicks off the season
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First XFL Kickoff
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Scrum for the ball
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Outlaws Brandon Sanders pays after an interception
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XFL open
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Halftime during the Hitmen/Outlaws game
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Brohm to Burks TD pass
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Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman 
Tony Siragusa comments on the XFL
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Outlaws cheerleaders dance with the crowd
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Week 5: Week 5:
Week 6: Week 6:
Week 7: Week 7:
Week 8:  QB Tommy Maddox (Xtreme) Week 8:  DT Carl Simpson (Outlaws)
Week 9: Week 9:
Week 10: Week 10:
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