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The XFL Playoffs - Who's in, who's out?
Following Week 9 of the XFL regular season, the playoff picture got a bit clearer. The Demons are in, the Bolts are out - but there's still a division crown and a playoff spot to be determined in Week 10. Get the whole story.
The "Million Dollar Game"
With a $1 million bonus riding on its outcome, the XFL today announced that its April 21 Championship Game, scheduled for 8 p.m. ET on NBC, has been named the "Million Dollar Game." In addition, the league has modified its point after touchdown rule by adding two and three-point conversions to its existing one-point effort. Beginning with the two playoff games, teams will choose whether to go for one point from the one-yard-line, two points from the five or three points from the 10. 
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Demons, Xtreme fight for West title
The playoff picture has cleared in the Western Division, but the championship still needs settling. San Francisco rushes into the Coliseum at 8 p.m. Saturday (Broadcast nationally on NBC) to settle the issue between the Demons and the Xtreme. LA undoubtedly remembers the sting of losing to the Demons on a last second field goal in their debut game. Tommy Maddox and Jeremaine Copeland will try to block their California rival's attempt at a sweep.
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Week 10 schedule changes
The dates and times for games during Week 10 have changed. Here are the new dates and times for the final week of regular season play this year:
Saturday, April 7 - San Francisco @ Los Angeles, 8 p.m. ET (NBC)
Saturday, April 7 - Memphis @ Las Vegas, 8 p.m. ET (NBC)
Sunday, April 8 - New York/New Jersey @ Birmingham, 4 p.m. ET (TNN)
Sunday, April 8 - Orlando @ Chicago, 7 p.m. ET (UPN) 
Maniax collide with Outlaws
Jim Druckenmiller and the Memphis Maniax come off a huge win over the Western Division-leading Los Angeles Xtreme, but coach Kippy Brown's team needs to come into Sam Boyd Stadium with guns blazing this Saturday. Memphis challenges Las Vegas and its feared Dealers of Doom defense at 8 p.m. ET looking to take a piece of second place in the Western Division.
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Hitmen charging after playoff berth
NY/NJ can earn a shot in the postseason this weekend but they'll have to get revenge on Birmingham to do so. The Bolts play their season finale at Legion Field against the Hitmen at 4 p.m. ET Sunday (Broadcast nationally on TNN). Birmingham found the key to beating the Hitmen during Week 2 in Giants Stadium but the NY/NJ team looks a lot different now and they won't let their playoff hopes disappear easily.
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Chicago looks to make amends
During Week 1, Orlando became the first team to pull out a series of close wins over the Enforcers. But Chicago has found its stride and managed to surprise more than a few teams. They'll try to sucker-punch the Eastern Division champs at 7 p.m. ET Sunday (Broadcast nationally on UPN) as they pursue their final shot at gaining a seed in the postseason playoffs.
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Chicago controls top awards again
The XFL today named Chicago Enforcers QB Kevin McDougal as its Offensive Player of the Week and teammate LB Jamie Baisley as its Defensive Player of the Week for week nine, marking the second consecutive week in which Enforcers players have swept the awards. McDougal threw a late touchdown pass to put Chicago ahead of the Hitmen and Baisley sealed the win by intercepting a pass in the goal line as time ran out.
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It takes a special man to be a QB
Being an XFL Quarterback is not an easy job. Just ask Jeff Brohm. Or Casey Weldon. Or Ryan Clement. Watch their story. 
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Take a closer look at the XFL Player
For the XFL athlete the media has not been kind. But take a closer look at these men and you will see passion and fortitude. These men simply love the game of football. 
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Stop conspiracy against the XFL 
From MSNBC.com - The XFL is getting screwed by the national media. I have seen it up close and Im confident that Im witnessing my first sports media conspiracy. Various newspapers and television networks want to see Vince McMahon fail and they want to see him fail on a large scale.

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