XFL Press Release: So far...



So far...
by Lucas Swineford 

Amazing, come-from-behind, double overtime victories. Two game winning field goals in the first three weeks. He Hate Me. QBs pounded to the turf. "Gutless" Rusty. Rashaan back to form. We've seen so many highlights in the first five weeks of the XFL season. Everyone has their own opinion of which are the best, so here's mine - 

Can this be anyone but the Orlando Rage? Still perfect through five games, the Rage have shown their strengths on all sides of the ball. Quarterback Jeff Brohm is efficient if nothing else. He doesn’t make many mistakes and remains poised when it’s time to take control (review the Orlando/Hitmen game). They have a deep running attack, which includes three men - Derrick Clark, Brian Shay and Mike Black – who all have distinct running styles. Mario Bailey and Dialleo Burks lead a crop of dependable hands. Their defense was represented in the first two XFL Defensive Player of the Week awards and remains solid each week. Coach Galen Hall has his team disciplined and focused. As if they needed more ammunition, the Rage have a tremendous front office staff, an enthusiastic fan base and the hottest cheerleaders in the league. They may drop one or two along the way, but look for Orlando to be in the Big Game At The End. 
[Brohm and Bailey hook up for 6 28k | 56k | ISDN | 300k] 

Despite being on a team that has only won once in the first five weeks, John Avery was incredible. Although he’s been slowed down by a thigh injury in the past two weeks, I believe Avery has been the single most exciting player to watch so far. Hitmen QB Wally Richardson said it best, “You want to keep the ball out his hands, because every time he touches it, he can break one off.” Through the first three games of the season (which he was injury free), Avery led the league in rushing yards, average rushing yards per carry, scoring and was the sixth leading receiver. John still ranks at the top of most offensive categories, despite being slowed down by the leg over the past two weeks. Now that his team knows it can win, he should be a pleasure to watch over the second half. 
[John Avery shows his versatility - 28k | 56k | ISDN | 300k] 

Honorable mentions – Mike Pawlawski, Shante Carver, Stepfret Williams, Israel Raybon 

Yes, everyone wants to talk about “He Hate Me,” my choice is “Chaka.” Aside from just being a great name, Shante Carver backs up the name on his jersey with his intense play. If you research the name in Encyclopedia Britannica, you’ll see that “Chaka” (also spelled Shake or Tshaka) was the “founder of southern Africa's Zulu Empire, who created a fighting force that devastated the entire region.” Through five games, Carver has created a fighting force in Memphis that has devastated an entire league. In two of the five games he’s played in, he has been personally responsible for making sure the starting QB watched the game from the sidelines in street clothes. But Chaka’s not all knockout punch. He’s got 17 tackles, 2 sacks and one of the most athletic interceptions you will ever see from a Defensive Lineman. 
[Chaka destroys Ryan Clement - 28k | 56k | ISDN | 300k] 

Pac Bell Park. The jewel of American sports facilities. Averaging about 35,000/game. And it has an area referred to as the Hell Hole. No contest here. 

Chicago Enforcers. At 1-4 the Enforcers are only one game out of the playoff hunt in the East. They were one tipped pass away from beating Birmingham. Lost in double OT and by a miracle to LA. Four points away from beating Orlando. And John Avery didn’t play against NY/NJ. They are tired of “woulda, coulda, shoulda.” They will in the second half. Over the next five, they have Orlando and Birmingham at Soldier Field and should have a healthy John Avery when they travel to NYC. Chicago is playoff bound. 
[LeShon Johnson earns the win - 28k | 56k | ISDN | 300k] 

The XFL promised to bring out the real passion and emotion of the game of football. And in Week 2 it delivered big time. After making a 20 yard TD and the ensuing point after to tie the game in the first over time, Jeremaine Copeland let his feelings be known.

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