XFL Press Release: Playoff Scenarios Through Week 9



2001 XFL Playoff Scenarios
Through games of Week 9 

Western Division 
Los Angeles and San Francisco have clinched playoff spots, Las Vegas and Memphis are eliminated. 

The winner of the Los Angeles-San Francisco game Saturday night wins the division, the losing team will be the second seed. With a win, San Francisco would be even with Los Angeles at 6-4 and win tie-breaker on (head-to-head) by virtue of having two wins this season over Los Angeles. 

Eastern Division
Orlando has clinched the best record in the XFL, Birmingham is eliminated. 

A Chicago win OR a NY/NJ loss clinches the playoff spot for Chicago. 

If NY/NJ wins and Chicago loses, NY/NJ will clinch the playoffs by virtue of tie-breaker three, net points in divisional games. Tie-breaker one (head-to-head) is even at 1-1 and tie-breaker two (divisional record) would be even with both teams at 2-4. Tie-breaker three (net points in divisional games) is currently exactly even, with both teams at 10 on the season. However, a NY/NJ win in Birmingham and a Chicago loss to Orlando would ensure that NY/NJ surpasses Chicago in this category, thus winning the tie-breaker for NY/NJ. 

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