XFL Chicago Enforcers Press Release 7


Press Release 7
Chicago Enforcers Training Camp
News, Notes and Quotes
January 17

To say Enforcers head coach Ron Meyer was unhappy with his team’s performance in a practice game held January 17 in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando would be an understatement.

“Our attitude was a little cocky going in and we got a rude awakening for that attitude,” said Meyer. “This was a good game for us to play because we learned a valuable lesson, we have to come ready to play. We now know where we have to improve.”

XFL policy implemented following last week’s scrimmages doesn’t allow teams to report stats and scores from workouts with other teams.

“The good thing was it was just a practice game,” said Meyer. “We let a lot of people play. When you play a practice game, your biggest fear is that somebody gets hurt. The good thing for us was nobody got hurt.”

However, Meyer was able to find some bright spots with the team as well as some non-bright spots.

“We put John Avery in for about six or seven plays but he showed how good a player he is,” said Meyer. “Besides Avery, our other running backs, LeShon Johnson and Charles Wiley, played well. However, our quarterbacks still need a lot of work.

“On defense, we got a rude awakening,” continued Meyer. “We thought all we had to do was put on our uniforms and we would play well. This team will not want to be around me the next seven days.”

News and Notes

Camp Visitors
XFL Founder Vince McMahon and NBC Chairman Dick Ebersol spoke to the team on January 14 to give them an overview of the league.

ESPN Radio at Camp
ESPN Radio’s Huge Show was broadcasting from training camp on January 17 and 18. The Huge Show hosts, Bill Simonson and Lou Canellis, along with Enforcers analyst and former Chicago Bear standout Otis Wilson, interviewed Ron Meyer as well as several players.

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