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Outlaws Running Backs
February 7, 2001

The Outlaws’ one-back offense will feature the deceptively strong, slashing runner, Rod Smart, formerly of Western Kentucky and now a national star due to his “HE HATE ME” nickname on the back of his jersey. Smart uses the phrase to motivate himself, as the RB envisions opponents, coaches and even teammates hatred of his skill. Before the game, Smart looks across at the other bench and says to himself, He hate me. That guy hate me. When I run all over their butts, they’re all gonna hate me.” Smart’s explosive speed and penchant for running over bigger defenders enabled him to finish training camp with the starting job over Chrys Chukwuma. “Chukwagon” is an excellent receiver out of the backfield and symbolizes Las Vegas’ offensive versatility with his ability to run, catch and block equally well. The Outlaws’ big back, Ben Snell, is another former Scottish Claymore brought in by Criner due to both familiarity with the system and versatility, as Snell is also the team’s top H-back. Snell is a nasty RB who seems to enjoy dishing out punishment more than taking it to the house, as Smart and Chukwuma are wont to do.


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