XFL San Francisco Demons Press Release 6

Press Release 6
Coach Skipper pleased with camp

There is always an occasional interruption of laughter when San Francisco Coach Jim Skipper addresses his Demons’ football squad, but there is no doubt in any player’s mind he’s dead serious. “I don’t use the word great loosely,” offered the Demons’ head coach. “This was a good mini-camp, let’s make the next one better.”

And, with that, the 21 players departed Pacific Bell Park with the knowledge of what to expect when they play for Skipper and his staff and the coaches received an inkling about what caliber of skill players they have at their disposal.

“Overall, the guys were enthusiastic and coachable,” Skipper added. “We were able to put a name with a body and see what kind of shape they were in. I wasn’t disappointed with anybody.

“They were really into it and I was really surprised with the way the guys reacted, how serious they were about this,” he added. “Now, half the guys know the routine and there was a good camaraderie among the guys.”

Skipper, however, emphasized the practice were not against any defensive resistance and practices of that nature tell only part of the story.

“We got to know our players better, identify their strengths and who wants to play ball,” the coach continued. “We got a good bead on our quarterbacks first hand and that was positive. They all gave a good account of themselves.”

The Demons completed 13 practices, all in perfect weather conditions and outstanding field conditions at Pac Bell Park. Not only did the players see the uniforms for the first time, but were impressed by architect’s rendering of how football will be implemented in the stadium designed initially just for baseball.

“The Giants treated us like members of the family and the players felt that,” Skipper said. “It was all good.”

Skipper was looking forward to all of those in attendance returning in December for the second of the mini-camps when the remainder of the offensive linemen and all of the defensive players join in.

“That’s who I really want to compliment are the three centers who were here,” Skipper added. “I’m sure it was a little boring for them, just snapping the ball all the time. They didn’t know it, but I was watching, and even those guys were attentive in the meetings.”

If the Demons’ coach was being that observant and he had no complaints about the week of practice, one can rest assured the XFL is off to a great…ah, good start in San Francisco.


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