XFL San Francisco Demons Press Release 10

Press Release 10
Demon has the urge to "run away" to California again

The year is 1992 and one of the newest residents of Lakeville, Minn., was California Dreamin’.

Now, that’s Kevin Kaesviharn’s goal again.

“I just wanted to run away from home,” says the San Francisco Demons’ cornerback, three days into his XFL experience. Now, he would like to “run away” again, this time to the Bay Area and play for San Francisco in the XFL’s maiden voyage.

Kaesviharn was selected as the Demons’ next-to-last draft pick of last week’s XFL supplemental draft. He had little time, no more than 72 hours, to decide whether he was going to be on a plane for Las Vegas for another opportunity to play football in the last 12 months.

He finished the Arena Football League season last August as a first-team all-AFL selection for the Iowa Barnstormers. Kaesviharn had been substitute teaching in Sioux Falls, S.D., when defensive coordinator Michael Church rocked his world with word he’s been drafted by the XFL.

Kevin might be a longshot to make the Demons’ roster, but has shown good athletic ability in the first three days of practice. He has gained valuable experience in two years in the Arena League, breaking franchise records for interceptions (10) and tackles (107) as one of only three players in league history to puncture the 100-tackle mark.

“He’s a good player, he knows what he’s doing,” says quarterback Mike Pawlawski, who had to try to outsmart Kaesviharn the last two years as Albany’s signal caller in the AFL. In the eight-man indoor league, all members of the secondary play man-to-man coverage, but Kevin is the middle man in the defense, meaning he’s a little like a free safety.

Kaesviharn grew up in Artesia, Calif., in the southern half of the state, so when his mother decided to take a job with the Mall of the Americas in Minneapolis, Minn., and move the family, Kevin was crestfallen.

“All I could think about was having to walk a mile to the neighbor’s house because I thought everything was farmland,” says Kaesviharn, who soon realized he was mistaken.

“I had never picked up a gun before, but now we hunt ducks, we hunt geese, we hunt pheasants, ice fish, I love it all,” the 24-year-old says. “You adjust.”

Kevin is doing his best to adjust to eight men to a side and the 11-man game. He probably would like to make the Demons’ 45-man roster and get the chance to live in California for three more months.


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