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July 11, 2000

It's been a busy couple of weeks 

It seems like a lot has been happening here in the XFL offices since I last published an article on XFL.com. We have four new XFL teams - Orlando, San Jose, Las Vegas and Los Angeles - and two new XFL general managers - Tom Veit and J.K. McKay.

Of the four new cities, the two that get me the most excited are Orlando and Las Vegas. The big "O" is a city with great weather and a population of rotating tourists who are there to be entertained. Couple those with the hiring of Veit as the team's vice president and general manager and you have a formula for success.

During his time in the Arena Football League and Major League Soccer, Veit established a reputation for assuring the fans were entertained from the minute they walked in the stadium. Pyro, music, scoreboard animations, they were all a part of the show. The XFL, with its emphasis on providing an entertainment experience, is the perfect vehicle for a man like Veit - who was once considered "too radical" by a number of soccer enthusiasts for the changes he made during his time with the Tampa Bay Mutiny - to showcase his creativity.

And apparently, I'm not the only one who can't wait for XFL Orlando. Since we announced the team, Grant Hill decided to call Orlando his new home. Coincidence? Maybe, but the evidence is there!

Vegas is a great city for two immediate reasons.

First off, no one ever really provided a tremendous effort to establishing a major league football presence in Las Vegas. Sure, the city had teams in the Arena League and the Canadian Football League, but they were never given much of chance, seeing as they played for a combined three seasons between them. The Arena League is successful, but it's not a marketing powerhouse, the only reason most people are familiar with the league now is because of Kurt Warner's recent success. And let's face it, the CFL team was doomed from the get-go. Nobody in America cares about what is happening north of the border and they sure weren't ready to welcome a Canadian team trying to succeed in their country. And the team's name "Posse" didn't help win anyone over.

Most importantly, though, we all know that the city of Las Vegas and the XFL both have the same objectives. People having fun. In your face entertainment. Experiences that you can't get anywhere else. Each resource - the city and the league - will elevate the other.

Of course, much more has been going on down here in Stamford - most of which you'll be hearing about in a few short weeks. I know everyone has the same questions: "Who are the coaches going to be?" "What is the Chicago team going to be called?" "Will New York definitely have a team?"

These are all great questions, ones I would be asking if I were you, and my answer is don't worry. You'll find everything out soon enough and I guarantee you'll be happy with what you hear.


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