XFL Player Allocation Selection System (P.A.S.S.) - The XFL Draft



XFL Player Allocation Selection System (P.A.S.S.) - The XFL Draft

The 2000 XFL Player Allocation Selection System (P.A.S.S.) will include both territorial protected players and those chosen in the selection system’s open phase. In total, 560 players (70 per team) will be assigned to XFL teams. All assigned players are under contract to the XFL. 

Territorial Protected Players 

Each XFL team was permitted to protect up to 11 players from three territorial schools (see below) assigned to them. Territorial schools were assigned to XFL teams on a regional basis and to create an equal talent pool. By definition, a territorial player is someone who was enrolled in the territorial school during his last year. Players from territorial schools who are not protected become eligible for the selection system’s open phase. Territorial selections were made on October 18, 2000. 

Open Phase 

This phase of the draft commences on Saturday, October 28 at 10:00 a.m. CT, at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare and will continue on Sunday and Monday via conference call at each team’s headquarters. The draft order will be determined by a lottery drawing on Thursday, October 26, at the XFL’s league meetings in Chicago. The selection order will follow a “serpentine” system throughout, i.e., the team that selects first then has the 16th , 17th , 32nd picks, etc., while the team that selects eighth, goes ninth, 24th, 25th, etc. 

On day one, each team will select 10 players. The first eight selections will have a five-minute time limit. Selections nine through 40 will have a three-minute time limit. All future selections will have a two-minute time limit. 

If the time limit has expired for a team to make a selection, the next team in order is “on the clock” and can submit a name of a player it wants to select. The team that was on the clock when time expired, can submit a name of a player to be drafted at any time. 

All selections are subject to league review before they are announced, and the league has final authority to approve a player. 

The second day of the draft will commence on Sunday, October 29 at 5:00 p.m. (ET) and will be conducted via telecommunications from each team’s offices. The second day will conclude after 15 players have been selected by each team. The third and final day of the draft will begin on Monday, October 30 at 9:00 a.m. The final day will conclude after each team has a 70-player roster. 

Territorial Assignments 

Birmingham Thunderbolts: Alabama, Auburn, Alabama-Birmingham. 
Chicago Enforcers: Notre Dame, Illinois, Northwestern 
Las Vegas Outlaws: Nebraska, Brigham Young, UNLV 
Los Angeles Xtreme: UCLA, Southern California, San Diego State 
Memphis Maniax: Tennessee, Mississippi State, Memphis 
New York/New Jersey Hitmen: Penn State, Syracuse, Rutgers 
Orlando Rage: Florida, Miami, Central Florida 
San Francisco Demons: Stanford, California, San Jose State 


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