XFL Press Release: Feb 16, 2000 - WWF ready to launch rival football league




WWF ready to launch rival football league

New York, NY (Sports Network) - World Wrestling Federation chairman Vince McMahon announced Thursday that he is going to launch a pro football league in the spring of 2001.

The longtime wrestling mogul has scheduled a news conference in New York City to unveil the league that is expected to play outdoors in eight U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando and Washington D.C.

"This will be real American football on a 100-yard field, but with a lot more fun and a lot more attitude," McMahon said. "The NFL has become too conservative, too corporate with too much regulation. We're bringing back old-fashioned, smashmouth football but with cutting-edge marketing and production values."

According to reports, McMahon has already secured a television deal that would broadcast his XFL throughout North America, with the hopes of expanding into the Canadian market. Expansion franchises could sprout up in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

McMahon's plans have received little reaction from the NFL, but the Canadian Football League is concerned, according to CFL president Jeff Giles.

"My first thought is players," Giles told the Toronto Globe and Mail. "They have to get their players from somewhere, and I'm sure they'll be looking at us. I'm sure they can offer more than we can pay."


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