XFL Press Release: What They're Saying...



What they're saying...

"…and the bet here is that one of NBC’s highest-rated programs will be ‘Saturday Night XFL’ next winter…"
Nick Cafardo, The Sunday Boston Globe

"...perhaps the XFL will give the "No Fun League" a swift kick in the butt by reminding everyone why football is cool."
Michael Silver, Sports Illustrated

"Sources in the broadcast industry say it's not hard to understand why NBC is now partnered with the WWF for the new league...the chance to put on a sport that has the potential to draw a huge, young male audience made the XFL more than a viable idea."
Leonard Shapiro, The Washington Post

"If you are a traditional sports fan who can remember the days Roger Staubach played for the Cowboys, you will watch. You will tune in to the network primetime, Saturday night debut of...the XFL in February."
Barry Horn, The Dallas Morning News

"I believe the combination of these two organizations (WWF & NBC) will make XFL football one of the best built brands in all of sports."
Vince McMahon, Chairman World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc.

"The absolute key to the success of this league lies in the incredible success Vince McMahon has had throughout his career in reaching the most elusive audience in television…young males."
Dick Ebersol, Chairman NBC Sports and Olympics

"We're talking about bringing the best football people at the highest possible level. Make no mistake about it, we are going to do this in a big way."
Basil DeVito, President XFL


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