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Rumors & Speculation
Whatever is published here is not officially associated with either the XFL nor the Las Vegas Outlaws.  If any of these items become confirmed, then they will be removed as they will be news and covered elsewhere.  Everything listed here is only what the title suggests: rumors and speculations!

Read about the Webmaster's thoughts on the XFL and why we won't see any more professional spring outdoor football leagues

The season hasn't even started and the expansion rumors are flying already!  Some within the XFL certainly would like to expand the league, but do not want to become like major league baseball (when they expanded too fast several years ago, and fan interest/ticket sales suffered accordingly).  Certainly the first season has to go well and meet all minimum expectations before any expansion teams can be considered; the possibility exists that if any teams do not generate enough fan interest, they may move to another city elsewhere....  A couple of cities I have heard mentioned are Atlanta (any open, grass-field stadiums around there?), Miami, Phoenix, Seattle, and San Antonio.  I was told to basically look on a map and find geographic areas without XFL teams, and they could possibly be sites considered for future expansion teams (kind of generic, but the season hasn't even started yet).  The good news is that if we get out and support the existing teams, our chances for more teams will improve.

Since the inaugural game on February 3, 2001 has been officially sold out, already rumors of either an expansion of the stadium or a new stadium are circulating.  But, the season has barely started yet, so it remains to be seen if the Outlaws will remain a permanent part of the Las Vegas community.  Get out there and support our Outlaws!!

The head coaches were required to fly to Los Angeles to meet with XFL founder Vince McMahon to discuss potential rule changes, and one interesting item that has come to light is the addition of a two-point conversion.  Could it be as in flag football competition, where a one-point conversion attempt is from the 5-yard line, whereas the two-point conversion would be from the 15-yard line?  We shall see very soon!  One thing is for sure, and that is that the kicking PAT is still a non-XFL item, and look for the ball to still be passed/ran into the endzone for the PAT.